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Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2017 10:32 pm
by gambo
This is a story about a young igbo man by the name Williams Samson Scott, who lives in agege, lagos. He grew up in lagos and his well known for his ethnicity and always in a fight with the abokis (hausa).
Williams Samson Scott is on the run after causing serious tribal trouble in agege area of Lagos — twice. With no prior records, he was engaged in an tribal fight with the Hausa dozens of times in agege in 2004 according to sources. He then began to promote vices in the community. After so many arrest at the Elere and Abattoir police station in Agege, williams has always escaped trial and conviction and he escaped from the police station through the window with the
help of an accomplice. He's actually the only person to ever do so. Later that year, Nigerian police arrested williams for drug trafficking in lagos in April 2007 and escaped five months later. He then went on self exile and was declared Wanted in 2009. A source stated that in was spotted abroad this year.

Below are some pictures of him.