The end of who wants to be a millionaire!!! Nigeians waves bye to frank idoho
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The end of who wants to be a millionaire!!! Nigeians waves bye to frank idoho

by abu » Wed Jun 28, 2017 3:04 pm

Nigerians say goodbye to Frank Edohoh , who want to be a milionaire as Frank twitts b:8/Sadly, we are going on a break cos our sponsor pulled out. But we [email protected] being with us all these years. Please thank them for us.Heavy red heart…d

b:1/@frankedohoall the best frank. I am convinced the show will be back pretty soon. WWTBAM remains the longest running progm on tv.11:35 AM - 26 Jun 201733 Retweets22 likes

b:2/FollowAdewale‎@engineerade2002 b:3/@[email protected]@[email protected]: I've learnt a lot through it all the while. And I'll greatly [email protected]'s erudition, elocution and wonderful sense of humour!
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What will be will surely be :D

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